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Sunday School
10:00 AM
Sunday Morning
11:00 PM
Sunday Evening
6:00 PM
Wednesday Evening
7:00 PM

Each service lasts approximately one hour and begins with singing from our hymn book accompanied by piano followed by a time of preaching from the Bible. Our pastor teaches from a different portion of the scripture for each of our services. Our Wednesday Evening Service is like the Sunday Services but includes prayer requests and a prayer time in the beginning.

Sunday School/Junior Church
It is amazing how much your child will learn in a class specifically tailored for their age. Children in pre-school through sixth grade will come home singing new songs, quoting memorized verses, displaying crafts they have made, and sharing important truths they are learning from the Bible. The kids meet for Sunday School at 10:00 am which is followed by Jr. Church at 11:00 am.

Loving nursery workers provide a clean and safe environment for children age three and younger during each of our services.  With an implemented check-in and contact system, parents can have peace of mind while attending any worship service or Bible study.

We would love to hear from you! If you are wanting help, prayer, or have a question, please let us know!
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